Perks of Living in a Gated Community

Many families prefer living in a gated community as it offers all the fundamentals for a holistic living experience which is safe and secure. In a gated community, the luxuries and amenities of a posh environment are integrated and offer a community living experience on a larger level. You don’t have to be afraid of being alone because in a gated community nobody can intrude into your privacy. 

Opting to live in a gated community can be your best potential decision because of many reasons.


A gated community gives privacy to you as well as your society as a whole. You can enjoy your own solitude and space while your neighbours are always within reach. The Hermitage is a gated community in sector 103, Gurugram, loaded with facilities for its residents. This gated community combines luxurious living with security.

A sense of security

Your home should be your safe haven. Gated communities pay a lot of attention to the safety and security of their residents. The Hermitage has CCTV cameras and access control in towers along with a gated community to keep you safe and sound.

Community living

There is undoubtedly a feeling of inclusivity and togetherness in a gated community as it has many parks and gardens where people meet and greet each other. Gated communities also have ample space for the kids to play and mingle with each other. The Hermitage has an open sitting along with many amenities for sports and health which also fosters community interaction. It also has a meditation centre, a fully equipped gym, jogging track, basketball court and many more convenient amenities for its residents.


Hygienic and regular upkeep

Our environment affects our mental peace in a major way. An aesthetic environment is appealing to the body, mind and spirit. The Hermitage has everything from a well maintained swimming pool, jogging track to ample green spaces throughout the development. 

Kids friendly environment

Gated communities  have a capacious environment. Additionally, these communities also offer huge open playgrounds for the kids along with pleasant provisions. Raising a child is extremely difficult if you cannot give him or her the right environment and experience. A kid who is always playing and learning will only grow healthier and better with time. The Hermitage has an open kids play area along with art and craft, a book reading area and many board games that the kids can play indoors.

Covid Secure Society

All the norms to keep the residents and visitors of The Hermitage safe from Covid-19 are followed in the society. There is regular sanitization and of the society and the residents are prohibited from roaming around without masks.

If you wish to enjoy the secure environment and amenities of staying in a gated community, do consider the best gated community, The Hermitage, in Gurugram sector 103.

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