Satya Group: Serving Sincerity since 4 Decades

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, and that single step has to be remarkable so that it encourages you to keep going further. Adhering to that notion, Satya Group, a renowned name in the Real Estate Industry, earned its legacy of more than 4 decades by establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty with its clients over the years. Satya has delivered over 88 lakh sq. ft. projects across India in the verticals of residential, commercial and township projects in Delhi NCR , Bathinda and Indore.


Satya Group has grown to become one of the most dependable names in the real estate sector. The journey of Satya Group progresses every coming year. A glimpse of 40 years is mentioned below.


The 70s and 80s- Placing the foundation stone

Satya Group started its journey in 1973. In Kolkata, the group successfully developed various residential and commercial complexes. 

The ’80s was quite significant as Satya Group marched towards the capital, Delhi and started developing independent residential houses.


The 90s – Advancing with time

As the nation began understanding the true sense of liberty and started exploring technology, Satya Group introduced the nation to a perfectly balanced amalgamation of innovation, technology, and real estate. 


The 2000s – Setting and delivering the trending

Modern thoughts started being prevalent and initiated the growth of the nation. Satya Group analysing the then scenario started revolutionizing the real estate by delivering luxury as The Galaxy, Gurgaon, The Legend Luxury Residential, Gurgaon and Malwa County, Indore.  


The 2010s – Continuing gaining trust and delivering masterpieces  

Satya Group has beautifully shaped and strengthened itself as a developer. It took 40 years of hard work to reach the heights of glories. Satya Group is not going to settle here as there are “miles to go” before resting. 


Satya Group, in these 40 years has earned more than just fortune. It is the trust of people that have made Satya Group mark its presence in Delhi NCR, Indore and Bhatinda. Satya Group has worked constantly with a vision to be an admired real estate company in terms of quality, services and trust. The mission is to create a sustainable tomorrow for a better future. Satya Group takes pride in having delivered and in the process of delivering its properties in diverse verticals.

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