3 Reasons Why Business Travelers Prefer Serviced Apartments Over Hotel Rooms

Think about the last time you stayed in a business class hotel, which is where most travelers on business trips usually stay. It’s most often a 200-300 sq.ft space with basic amenities – a place to freshen up and stay the night. However, in the changing face of business trips where both the duration and frequency of such trips are increasing, one would like to have an option that is more than just well-organized.  Business travelers world over prefer and are opting to stay at serviced apartments, which provide far more than just bed and breakfast. In India too, business hubs like Gurugram are finding more takers for such options. Here’s why –

Homely – Hotel rooms are efficient, yes.  But they are also highly impersonal.  After a long day at work, one would like to come back to an ambiance and comfort that is more home-like and not just a bed/TV/shower space, especially if you are staying more than a couple of days.

Privacy and Personalized – Serviced apartments are like a home away from home – you could have friends or family visiting and staying over; you could have a small party for friends or colleagues – you even have a small kitchen to do your own cooking. And unlike hotel rooms where privacy is a premium, this is a space all to yourself.

Economical – Long stay options turn out to be expensive in a hotel regardless of if your company is paying for it or you are paying for it yourself as a business person.  One rarely pays just for the room; F&B, laundry services, business services (some hotels charge even for a print out) are all charged extra.  Imagine what it works out to, if one is staying for a couple of weeks.

The next time you have an extended business trip planned, look for a premium serviced apartment option such as  in Gurugram.

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