Know The Brands At Element One.

Burger King
Burger King is a global chain of fast food restaurants that was started in America. Despite its relatively late entrance to India, it has become one of the most popular fast food chains in the country, already having opened over 100 stores in their short time here. Despite severe competition from multiple pre-existing giants in the field of Quick-Service Restaurants, they’ve managed to find their foothold and are have been recognized as the fastest growing QSR brand in the country.

Madame is an Indian clothing brand targeted towards teenage girls and young women. Established in the 1980’s, they’ve since grown to become one of the more popular brands for that segment and have a strong presence in almost all major Indian cities. With over a 102 exclusive stores pan-India and their products selling in more than a 600 multi-brand outlets, Madame has grown tremendously over the years.

Warehouse Café
Warehouse Café is located at some of the most popular locations in the Delhi/NCR region. After the success of their first outlet in Connaught Place, they opened another in the popular Gurgaon Sector-29 market. Well known for its ambiance along with its varied dining and drinking options, it’s a popular haunt for numerous young executives working nearby.

Evolve Spa
When looking for an ideal place for a little rest and relaxation, Evolve Spa is one of the first places that come to mind. Popular around the city for the numerous number of wellness treatments they have to offer, along with their exceptionally adequate service, the very thought of paying them a visit instills in you a sense of looking forward to thetranquility that you will have a chance to experience.

Pure Play
With the increasing trend of personal fitness that’s been steadily taking over the country, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for sports stores. Stepping in to fulfill that requirement is Pure Play, a store that exclusively caters to providing customers with quality sporting goods. Boasting numerous stores throughout the city, they’ve now begun to establish their presence across adjoining cities of the National Capital Region.

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